UK Head and Neck Coalition

UK Head and Neck Coalition

A new Head and Neck Cancer coalition has been established to help improve the care, experience and outcomes for everyone affected by head and neck cancer in the UK, now the sixth most common type of cancer.

The coalition will be chaired by Oracle’s CEO Tamara Kahn and is joined by a team of Head and Neck Cancer experts from the organisations shown above with the aim of:

  • Being the recognised Head and Neck Cancer collaborative in the UK that is seen to be proactive, responsive, impactful and ambitious.
  • A recognised resource for all those affected by and working in Head and Neck Cancer so that individuals, groups, charities and organisations are able to access support and connect with those that have the expertise.

Coalition members will do this by working together on focused objectives and projects within the areas of patient and caregiver support, awareness and education, research, policy, multidisciplinary team support and data.

Collaborative and Inclusive

We will take a collaborative, inclusive and multi-perspective approach to ensure that the complexity of Head and Neck Cancers are addressed. Working together will allow us to have greater alignment on messaging, ensure all voices are heard and collaborate on key priorities so that we have greater collective impact. Together we will improve the patient and caregiver experience and outcomes.

The coalition have been actively involved with a formal response to the Ten Year Cancer Plan and Swallows Charity have been actively supporting an initiative for Ukrainian Refugees who may need Head and Neck Cancer support.

NALC is involved and Malcolm Babb is one of five board members.