NALC and Research

NALC and Research

NALC has a long history of supporting and getting involved in research studies. When the National Cancer Research Insititute set up a head and neck cancer group. Ethel Culling and John Bramhall were the two consumer members, to be followed by our President, Malcolm Babb, until 2016. They were involved as patient representatives or steering committee members in some key studies  such as PETNECK, DE-ESCALATE and COMPARE.  Currently, Malcolm is a Patient Advisory Group member for PETNECK2, which is looking at a  novel method of follow-up of head and neck patients after treatment. For some years, our Patron, Professor Martin Birchall and his team have been working on the development of a soft robotic artificial larynx, a project we have supported at every stage.

Sharing Experiences
NALC receives and welcomes many requests for help from researchers, such as speech and language therapists, seeking to hear of the experiences of our members on their cancer journey. This is just as important to us as involvement in large-scale clinical trials. We really hope that our input  can have a positive impact on the treatment of laryngectomees, living as neck-breathers, for the rest of their lives.

Can You Help?
Our most recent request comes from an SLT student based in Wales. You can see more about the request here


Please help if you can.