A selection of videos from our dvds, including speech after laryngectomy and resuscitation

Speech after Laryngectomy

The clip illustrates the methods of speech available to a laryngectomee. The clip is taken from a film used as part of NALC’s education programme, used with the emergency services.

Talking It Through Part 1

What does a laryngectomy involve? Why is it usually needed and what difference will it make to me? Members of a laryngectomee group in Sunderland (UK) share their experiences. A second video is available about recovery and rehabilitation.

Talking It Through Part 2

The video describes the challenges faced immediately after a laryngectomy, the removal of the voicebox. There are problems initially with eating and a permanent new method of speech has to be learned. You will see many examples of how patient face up to the challenge and get back to a normal life.


Delivering air or oxygen via the neck stoma