Life After Treatment

Life After Treatment

Whatever treatment a head and neck cancer patient has had, the journey of recovery can be long and complicated. A laryngectomy involves surgical removal of the voicebox and the patient will need to adjust to life breathing through a neck stoma and having to find a new method of speech. Life will be very different to before the surgery and many patients will wonder if they will ever get close to what things were like before,

Nigel Skilton had his laryngectomy in February 2022 after a diagnosis of larynx cancer. He has set himself the challenge of taking part in a HYROX event in London, Olympia, on May 1st. This is one of a series of worldwide events all following the same requirements. Nigel will complete a 1km run followed by a functional fitness movement, and this is” repeated 8 times. The event tests speed, power, strength and endurance, with a variety of categorisations allowing for a range of physical abilities.

In Nigel’s own words he hopes his participation will show that “facing a drastic and life-changing event such as a laryngectomy is not the end of things. It is not something to stop you taking on new challenges. It is a chance to continue with life and push your body and mind through the barriers this condition can present.”

Nigel is using his participation in the HYROX to raise funds for  NALC. If you would like to support Nigel he has a fundraising page.

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