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NALC Publications

The National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs has been certified as a provider of safe, reliable, high quality health and social care information by The Information Standard scheme. NALC met the scheme criteria of producing safe and reliable health and social care information. The organisation has consequently been awarded The Information Standard quality mark, which we can display on our literature illustrating to the public that its information can be trusted

According to a survey carried out by The Information Standard, the majority of the general public believe that they would be better able to manage their own and their family’s health if they had quick and easy access to health information they could trust. The Information Standard, which is supported by the Department of Health, was launched to provide this kind of assurance

All of the documents here are in PDF format. If you are having trouble viewing them then you can download and install Adobe Reader using the link by clicking here.



Patient Literature                 Professional's Literature                DVDs and Video Clips

Printed versions of these publications are also available free of charge. Please contact us to place your order


About Us



Handbook for Laryngectomy Patients


This book has been designed for the use of laryngectomy patients both preand post-operatively, their families and friends. It will also be of interest to student nurses and speech therapists.





Information for Laryngectomy Patients

PUBLICATIONS2.jpgGives details of benefits available, emergency identification and publications.







Living with a Laryngectomee 1: First Reactions


First reactions to being told you need a laryngectomy.







Living with a Laryngectomee 2: Adjusting

PUBLICATIONS4.jpgAdjusting to a new way of communicating after laryngectomy.







Living with a Laryngectomee 3: Healing Problems

PUBLICATIONS5.jpgLong term healing problems after laryngectomy.







Living with a Laryngectomee 4: Mood Changes

PUBLICATIONS6.jpgCoping with mood changes after layngectomy.







Living with a Pharyngo-Laryngo-Oesophagectomy 1: The Operation

PUBLICATIONS7.jpgThis leaflet describes the operation and the changes that will happen to your body.







Living with a Pharyngo-Laryngo-Oesophagectomy 2: Eating and Drinking

PUBLICATIONS8.jpgThis leaflet answers those questions most frequently asked by patients and their families during the first few months after surgery.







Living with a Pharyngo-Laryngo-Oesophagectomy 3: Communication

PUBLICATIONS9.jpgYou will find much of the information written for laryngectomees about communication helpful in understanding how you can communicate best after your operation.







Living with a Pharyngo-Laryngo-Oesophagectomy 4: Returning To a Full and Active Life

PUBLICATIONS10.jpgThis leaflet is designed to help you get the most out of your life.







NALC Pamphlet

PUBLICATIONS11.jpg   General information about the Association. When and why it started and
   includes its aims and objectives.







Professional Care 1: ENT Nursing

PUBLICATIONS12.jpgKnowledge and awareness of laryngectomy may vary greatly amongst health professionals in both hospitals and the community. This leaflet is aimed at the professional.







Professional Care 2: Speech and Language Therapy

PUBLICATIONS13.jpgCommunication after laryngectomy. This leaflet is aimed at the professional.











NTSP/NALC Laryngectomy Information Sheet

NTSP2-Shadow-Cover.jpgThis useful Laryngectomy Information Sheet for Professionals not familiar with Laryngectomees has  been produced to help    healthcare professionals understand exactly what Laryngectomy entails. Updated recently by NALC, it sets out to illustrate and  explain 'What is Laryngectomy?', and also describe and illustrate 'Humidification & Suction', Communication and    'Anaesthesia' techniques. You can also find out more about NTSP by visiting      





Professional Care 3: Social Work

PUBLICATIONS14.jpgThe medical social worker’s role with laryngectomy patients. This leaflet is aimed at the professional.








Resuscitation Pamphlet

PUBLICATIONS16.jpgIllustrated pamphlet describing the method of giving mouth to neck resuscitation.







Stoma Care

PUBLICATIONS17.jpgLeaflet aimed at looking after the stoma. Includes cleaning, humidification and airway production.







Swimming after Laryngectomy

PUBLICATIONS15.jpgThis leaflet provides information on swimming including emergency measures if water is inhaled.







Emergency Leaflet




Further Literature

The British Medical Association’s Family Doctor Books produce a series of affordable and up to date health information books, written by doctors especially for patients.

Family Doctor Publications
P O Box 4664
BH15 1NN

Tel: 01202 668330
Fax: 01202 668331



NALC has produced 3 dvds - see below for details

All DVDs are free of charge which includes postage and packing to UK destinations. To place an order or to enquire about postage to overseas addresses please contact us.



We also have our own videos on our YouTube Channel. One of these videos features some Laryngectomees demonstrating various speech methods, and there are also illustrations to show how the neck area is changed to allow breathing after surgery. Another video shows ‘Rescue Breathing’ First Aid by an expert Paramedic team.

The videos included in our DVDs mentioned are also available.

Our playlist includes some interesting historical videos. 

To see video clips please visit our channel by using this link


Also click here to view a lecture by Itzhak Brook, a rather unique and emminent American Laryngectomy Professor (who is a Laryngectomee himself) and who delivered this lecture at the Louisiana State University FW Cancer Centre, for their 'New Voice Club', on the 17th April 2013. (It's rather long, but well worth watching).

Professor Brook's latest 'Laryngectomee Guide' is now also available, as a free download (click the image below) or with a small charge for an E-Book, or as a Kindle purchase. 




Another FREE and very useful Self-Help Guide, this time by Edmund Lauder is 'Self Help for the Laryngectomee' which is now available for Free download. It covers Esophageal Speech, and learning to live as a Laryngectomee. Simply click the image below to download.







L.I.F.E 2


Laryngectomy Information for First aid and Emergency treatment. A 30 minute video showing how to give mouth to neck resusitation.






Nursing and Laryngectomee Care


An introduction to the needs of the laryngectomee after leaving hospital.

This video is aimed at nurses working in the community.






Talking it Through

PUBLICATIONS20.jpgA pre and post operative video for laryngectomees, families and friends.






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